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Leading System

Manage all your information in the industry’s most complete IP system. Full lifecycle management for patents, trademarks and designs, with global country rules, document management, advanced analytics, and PTO integration. Built on the Microsoft® platform, with enterprise-class performance and integrated to O365, Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams.


Support Services

Your monthly subscription includes core support services, either as your primary docket or shadow second source. Also includes daily task monitoring, reporting and maintenance fee payments. With added support services for extended docketing, prosecution, foreign filing, and global maintenance, that seamlessly integrates with your IP system. Efficient, cost-effective and easy to use support services that augment your current team’s activities.


Global Network

The Helios IP Network (HIPN) provides US law firms and IP departments simple, easy-to-use access to our preferred foreign associates and agents, at pre-negotiated, most favored rates. Clients work directly with foreign associates, while Helios coordinates docketing, documents, office actions, POA’s and other support activities. Helios also manages foreign associate invoicing to ensure financial accuracy and accountability.


Flexible Budget

The HeliosComplete™ subscription pricing provides transparency and predictability in setting your operational budget. Our base platform subscription provides a cost-effective foundation on which to build the support activities you need today, with the flexibility to adapt as your requirements change.


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