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We Are Experienced IP Professionals
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Paralegal and IP Specialists

Across the full range of IP support activities, our team has the capabilities to work as an extension of your team. Unlike outsourcing, our managed services approach provides committed resources assigned to work with you on a day-to-day basis. We develop a close working knowledge of your processes, becoming an integral part of your operations.

Software and Data Technologists

Technology is the cornerstone of our solution approach enabling you to improve how you create, manage and exploit your IP assets. Combining hands-on knowledge of IP operations with leading edge technology, our development team is driving innovation in the IP industry. From PTO data integration to workflow automation and emerging AI/ML, we’re at the forefront of applying technology to IP operations management.

IP Operations Managers

Process management is critical to ensuring accurate, cost-effective IP operations. Our team brings hands-on process management expertise with SOPs, document support methods, and analysis tools that enable smart resource allocation, time management and financial controls.

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