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Estrategia Juridica

About us

Intellectual Property Estrategia provides review, evaluation, assessment and management of our clients’ intellectual property rights. Our aim is to create value for their companies’ intangible assets. We provide services designed to monitor, protect and claim intellectual rights,  trademark rights, patent, industrial designs, copyright. As far as intellectual property is concerned, Estrategia advises clients on how to create comprehensive portfolios. Criminal Law and Customs suspension request before Customs are our expertise.  Estrategia Juridica focuses on intellectual property protection. We accordingly design prevention schemes to fight unauthorized use of trademarks and copyrights while promoting investigations designed to combat trademark and copyright infringement. In coordination with judicial and administrative authorities Estrategia conducts trainings, market surveys  and seizures of illegal goods that lead to the prosecution of offenders. Estrategia advises and represents clients in all sort of criminal investigations  and file cases before the General Prosecutor’s Office and Criminal Judges. In  Estrategia Juridica our  team  have a  wide experience in defending the interests of our clients before the various courts and tribunals. We assist our clients in intellectual property and unfair competition-related issues and strive to find alternate solutions to the cases that they entrust us with. In the field of unfair competition, Estrategia represents domestic and foreign companies in proceedings filed with both the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce and the appropriate courts. Corporate Law and Contract Law Estrategia provides comprehensive legal consulting services in this field, both to small and medium- sized enterprises and large holdings. Among other areas  we create Bran Protection Programs that will allow the trademark holders to expand their portfolio and reinforce strategies against the illegal trade. 

Other areas:

· Brand Protection Programs 

· Marketing surveys 

· Online protection 

· Settlement agreements 

· Anti-counterfeiting strategies 

· Criminal Actions related to IP crimes

· Compensation of Damages analysis 

· Customs suspension of illegal trade operations

Practice areas

  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Domain names
  • Litigation

Types of Services Offered

  • IP Counsel