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20 Ave., “A”, 1-2 Calle S.O., Barrio de Piedras,
00000 San Pedro Sula

Telephone: 504 25507744 / 25502624 / 25528615
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Bufete Mejia & Asociados

About us

Bufete Mejía & Asociados is Honduras's leading intellectual property, advertisement and commercial law firm. With offices in San Pedro Sula (Honduras's commercial capital) and Tegucigalpa (Honduras's political capital and largest city), the firm is capable of rendering impeccable services in a cost-effective manner. The firm specialises in the prosecution, defence and enforcement of patents, trademarks and copyrights. It has been consistently ranked at the top of its field and has earned a reputation as the most dependable full service intellectual property law firm in Honduras. The firm is also recognised for providing timely and efficient counselling on licence and franchise agreements, advertisement issues and regulatory matters. The firm also handles unfair competition and infringement cases and has experience before the Honduran Customs Office and higher administrative offices. All partners and associates are members of the Honduran Bar Association and qualified to act before all courts and governmental offices, including the Honduran Supreme Court. The firm handles correspondence in Spanish, English and French, and is a member of the Bomchil group. Bufete Mejía counts a staff of more than 20 people, distributed in our offices in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula.

Practice areas

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Domain names
  • Litigation

Types of Services Offered

  • IP Counsel



Company news & articles

Intellectual Property Theft

January 25 2022   \  Published by Bufete Mejia & Asociados