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4th Fl., Complex Bldg. Yokjon Dong, Yonggwang Street
Central Di Pyongyang
North Korea

Telephone: (850 2) 18111 6131
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Ryong-San & Co. Patent and Trademark

About us

We are attorneys of Ryong-San & Co. Patent and Trademark (RSPAT) in Pyongyang, DPR Korea and take this opportunity to present our compliments and best regards with the highest respect to your esteemed firm.

Please let us briefly introduce to you our firm for our possible cooperation in the  future.

RSPAT is a registered patent and trademark law firm providing its domestic and foreign clients with services tailored to the need of each client in every area of intellectual property laws.

We started with three attorneys in 1998.  With 15 attorneys today, the RSPAT provides dynamic full-service legal representation in a multitude of areas.  

Our office and its partners are duly subscribed in the Korean Intellectual Property Association (KIPA) and we are affiliated to the most important IP Associations, such as: Korea Industrial Design Association (KIDA) and Korean Association of Industrial Property Agents (KAIPA). 

The bona fide purpose to have the office is to provide clients home and abroad with better services in IP matters, and to establish better working relationship and cooperation with our colleagues worldwide.

Since establishment, we have been providing efficient services of high standard of quality to local and overseas clients. Being a versatile firm, we serve clients' needs better and quicker.

This privileged qualification has enabled us to establish a wide spectrum of clientele which ranges from multinational corporations to medium and small size entities.

We may venture to say that our office is one of the premier DPR Korean IP law firms with an honored tradition, proven expertise and a well-established reputation. 

Staffed by a team of fully qualified and experienced IP attorneys and specialists, our firm has been providing a diverse mix of clients around the world with highly professional and satisfactory services concerning all IP matters. 

Each project at RSPAT is a team effort. A client's principal advisor is typically supported by a team of intellectual property and technical specialists. A client's specific needs determine the composition of the team.

Initial consultations are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, with NO OBLIGATION on the part of client.

RSPAT does not charge by the hour, and the clients will not be charged for anything without their advance authorization.

Please be advised that the clients should not send us any confidential information unless established as a client.

RSPAT, in order to keep a client-friendly relationship, tries to reduce filing costs, which are of  the first concern of the clients,  and in our practice gives discounts where requested.

We strive to develop a deep understanding of our clients, their businesses and industries, to create optimal solutions and strategies for generating business value through the protection of valuable intellectual property. 

Why would you choose our services? 

We have the advantage of being specialized Intellectual Property Law agency whose directors are agents graduated from the Invention Office of the DPR Korea ( the National Patent Authority), the Trademark & Industrial Design, Geographical Indication Office of the DPR Korea (the National Trademark Authority) and the Copyright Office of the DPR Korea.

Our technicians, translators and engineers allow us to offer a wide range of services in obtaining and administrating the rights of invention patents, utility models and/or industrial designs.

Our firm does not invoice honoraries based on hours, and all of our estimations of costs are based on honoraries and official expenses previously informed and accepted for the client. 

For all these reasons, we hope to continue assessing your firm, which of course, honors us with your choice.

We invite you to learn more about our firm and our legal services.

We thank you for your kind attention, and shall be honored to deserve your trust.


Faithfully yours, 

Dr JON Ung Nam

Co-Founder/Attorney at Law 

Ryong-San & Co.

Patent and Trademark

P. O. Box 48

4th Fl., Complex Bldg.

Yokjon Dong, Yonggwang Street

Central District, Pyongyang

DPR Korea 

Tel: (850 2) 18111 6131

Fax: (850 2) 381 2100 / 381 4410


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