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Kencana Tower, Level Mezzanine, Business Park Kebon Jeruk, Jl. Meruya Ilir Raya No. 88
11620 Jakarta

Telephone: +628811105211

Patentrust International Bureau

About us

Patentrust International Bureau is a full-service intellectual property (IP) firm in Indonesia dealing with IP related services especially patent, trademark, copyright and industrial designs. As an IP firm serving both Indonesia and overseas clients, Patentrust has extensive and highly recognized experiences in providing advice, high quality services and acting on behalf of clients to protect and to secure their IP rights. Professionals that join with Patentrust forming a solid and dedicated team work definitely deliver a wide range of intellectual property services in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright and industrial designs. These services including filing and prosecuting IP applications for patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design; IP searching; handling investigations, oppositions, unfair competitions, litigations and post registration issues such as infringement, revocations and other proceedings; IP portfolio and asset management, planning, strategic business advice, assignments and licensing of rights.

Patentrust provides expertise and advice to those every size business entities, from start-ups, small-medium enterprises, educational and governmental institutions, to major corporations.

Responsible, efficient and prompt service became ideal pattern for Patentrust in assisting clients dealing with any IP cases, for constituting firm’s goals namely client’s satisfaction that generates a long mutual beneficial professional cooperation and for constituting firm’s commitment to be a firm bridge between ideas and legal protection. Besides all correspondences are handled mostly through internet connection so that this enables Patentrust to provide clients and associates as well with competitive fees and time saving.

At a glance of our country. As a developing country having a huge population, Indonesia becoming one strategic destination country for investment by considering increasingly economic growth accompanied by enforcement of IP protection through its IP law.

Practice areas

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Patents

Types of Services Offered

  • IP Counsel