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30/3 B C Das Street, Lalbagh,
1205 Dhaka

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Shahid & Alliance, Intellectual Property Law Services, Bangladesh

About us

Shahid & Alliance provide services in all areas of Intellectual Property Law.        The Firm protects its client’s interests by conducting Trade Mark searches, and preparing Trade Marks, Service Marks, Patents, Industrial Designs and Copyrights applications for registrations. We monitor, renew and maintain Intellectual Property registrations and, whenever necessary, initiates opposition and cancellation proceedings, and litigates cases involving infringement of Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs, Copyright, Unfair Competition and Counterfeiting. The Firm also regularly renders legal opinions on all aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and maintains strong relationship with international agencies and organizations established for the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.                                                                                                          

Practice areas

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Litigation

Types of Services Offered

  • IP Counsel

Meet our specialists

 Md. Shahid Ullah

Md. Shahid Ullah - CEO

Copyrights - Trademarks - Designs - Patents - Litigation