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474 Bd Lumumba Q / Résidentiel, C/ Limité
BP 181 Kinshasa
Democratic Republic of Congo

Telephone: +243973277891 / +242069703671

BPV TAX & IP ATTORNEY Democratic Republic of CONGO Lawfirm

About us

Focused on full  legal services, BPV LT and IP attorney  lawfirm Democartic Republic of Congo(DRC)  is accepted and appreciate  by many clients in world .

As the DRC IP Attorney, BPV LTIPA offers completed legal solutions to our domestic and international clients.

The DRC lawfirm and IP attorney BPV LTIP  has partners in  OAPI state members.

Our Intellectual Property, Mining, Oil and Gas, Business, Commercial, Corporate, Natural Resources, Energy and Environment and Tax Law team are unmatched in both breadth and depth of experience in this highly complex field.

The lawfirm DRC   BPV LTIPA is available, open and pragmatic to work with many actors of business on the variety of solutions and fees. It does include: Auditing contract and regulations, Training, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Intellectual Property Attorney.

In legal and advisory in DRC, BPV lawfirm and IP attorney have divers practice areas:

  1. Legal Strategic Risk Management –
  2. Regulatory and Compliance –
  3. Corporate and Commercial Law-
  4. Foreign Direct Investment –
  5. Finance and Banking –
  6. Insurance and Reinsurance –
  7. Food, Drugs – Health’s and Life and Sciences-
  8. State Contracts, Infrastructures, projects and PPP – Immigration
  9. Energy, Natural Resources   and Environment-
  10. Arbitration – International Trade, WTO and Customs Law –
  11. Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Medias, Entertainment-
  12. Sports Law –
  13. Anti-Trust / Competition –
  14. Tax – Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuration –
  15. Labor and Employment and Pensions –
  16. Construction and Real Estate –
  17. Transportation & Maritime and port services –
  18. Family Law and succession law –
  19. Anti-Money Laundering-
  20. Business and Human Rights -

Practice areas

  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Designs
  • Patents
  • Domain names
  • Litigation

Types of Services Offered

  • IP Counsel