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Building brand identity with trademarks and industrial designs

Building brand identity with trademarks and industrial designs

Whether minimalist or retro, modern or casual, design is not just about aesthetics; it is a fundamental component of a brand’s identity. From logo to colour scheme, typography to website layout, every stylistic element plays a crucial role in conveying a business’s philosophy, selling proposition and consumer promise.

However, the path to commercial success is rarely clear-cut. To help along the way, intellectual property rights define how an organization can legally distinguish itself from rivals and protect its brand.

Particularly relevant to IP’s role in cultivating a brand identity are trademarks and industrial designs. While similar at first glance, these protections can cover different elements and must comply with separate regulations, meaning companies need to consider both when establishing their products’ defining features.

Two sides of the same coin: Trademarks and industrial designs

When talking about brands, trademarks usually spring to mind as the go-to IP right. Covering public-facing elements such as words, phrases, symbols, patterns and images, trademarks are extremely versatile and well-equipped to designate the origin of goods and services to consumers. Read more

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