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Singapore – Trademark Laws & Generative-AI

Singapore – Trademark Laws & Generative-AI

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) proliferating, disruptions are experienced across industries including service and media. Generative AI (or “GenAI”) is also interluding in the realm of intellectual property (“IP”). Trademark laws, among other IP Laws, are facing new challenges and complexities and require fresher perspectives for improving brand protection, especially in countries like Singapore, holding as a tech, information technology and IP hub.

Understanding Generative AI and Trademark Law Challenges

Gen AI is prevalent on both the supply and demand ends of commerce. New brand owners are likely to use generative AI to conceptualise trademarks while studies have also shown consumers, especially the younger demographic consisting of the Millenials and GenZers, are more likely to be persuaded by recommendations made by AI, such as ChatBots, in their consumption patterns. One such introduction of ChatBots with built-in AI is by the ASEAN e-commerce giant Lazada, under the name “Lazzie”. These ChatBots recommend suitable purchases based on algorithms and machine learning of the youngsters’ browsing and consumption history, amongst other things. Read more

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