Monday, April 1 2024   \  Published by EPO.

​​New, simplified fee system supports small applicants with 30% discounts​

​​New, simplified fee system supports small applicants with 30% discounts​

Fees for European patent applications are changing from 1 April 2024. These include reductions for small companies and even the abolition of some fees. Internal renewal fees are rising by less than the rate of inflation resulting in a decrease since 2016 in absolute terms.

Following a comprehensive review of the EPO’s fee system by the Administrative Council, a number of important fee changes come into force on 1 April 2024. This package of fee measures introduces dedicated fee reductions for micro-entities, simplifies the fee system, creates incentives for further digitalisation, and secures the Organisation’s financial sustainability through moderate increases of procedural and internal renewal fees.

Building on effective measures to support small and medium-sized applicants in obtaining patent protection and commercialising their inventions throughout Europe and the world, the EPO will introduce further support focused on those innovative entities needing financial support to access the European patent system, i.e. micro-enterprises, natural persons, non-profit organisations, universities and public research organisations. These micro-entities will benefit from a 30% reduction in all main fees in the patent grant procedure, provided they have filed fewer than five applications in the last five years. Read more

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