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Libya Streamlines Regulations of Trademark Renewal

Libya Streamlines Regulations of Trademark Renewal

TRIPOLI - The Libyan Trademarks Office has issued an official decision No. 335 of 2024, aimed at streamlining trademark regulations in the country.

This decision mandates the cancellation of all published trademarks that have not been renewed within the legal renewal deadlines as delineated in Article 1257 of Commercial Activity Law No. 23 of 2010, which outlines the following provisions concerning trademark protection:

- Protection Period and Renewal: Registered trademarks are afforded a protection period of ten years, which can be renewed for an identical period or periods upon the request of its owner. This renewal has to be done before the protection period expires, including within the last year.

- Renewal Request Timeline: The trademark owner may request a renewal within six months from the date of expiry of protection. If this is not done, the trademark office will cancel the trademark.

- Re-registration Procedure: A trademark can be re-registered in favor of its owner within three years from the date of cancellation. This has to be done following the prescribed conditions and the same procedure as for registration. Read more

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