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EU Parliament votes for new SEP regulation in Europe

EU Parliament votes for new SEP regulation in Europe

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a new regulation for standard essential patents. Previously, the EU Commission's proposal had passed the Committee on Legal Affairs under the strong influence of industry and interest groups, with the committee making minor changes. However, the EU Council must now approve the proposed legislation.

The European Parliament has voted by 454 to 83 in favour of the European Commission’s proposal for a new regulation for SEPs. The legislation, which had previously been agreed with the EU Council, has now passed the first parliamentary hurdle.

Parliament discussed the draft legislation on Tuesday. However, the speeches did not concern making substantial changes to the content. Instead, they focused on whether to approve or reject the proposal.

The Committee on Legal Affairs passed the draft at the end of January. Since then, it has made no further changes to the key points. The EU’s main concerns are greater transparency in SEPs, reduced over-declaration and fewer lengthy court proceedings. Read more

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