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Mozambique: IPI updates official fees

Mozambique: IPI updates official fees

The Mozambican Industrial Property Institute (IPI) has recently announced updates to its official fees, reflecting changes in the landscape of IP protection. These changes, effective from February 28, 2024, cover various services including registration, renewal, alterations, transmissions, and legal procedures such as oppositions and responses to provisional refusals.

Upon analyzing the fee evolution, significant changes are evident:

- Registration and renewal fees have increased by approximately 50%. For example, the trademark registration and renewal fee, previously 3037 MZN, now stands at 4556 MZN.

- Fees for alterations and transmissions have also seen notable increases. For instance, alteration fees, such as those for recordals of applicant details changes, have risen from 802 MZN to 4,556 MZN, representing an increase of 467.33%. Similarly, transmission fees have increased from 937 MZN to 12,319 MZN, reflecting an increase of approximately 1,216.44%.

- Legal procedure fees, including oppositions and responses to refusals, have also risen significantly. The opposition fee, for instance, has increased from 1425 MZN to 4556 MZN, a rise of 219.72%. Similarly, responding to provisional refusals has surged from 1425 MZN to 4556 MZN.

- Furthermore, for patents, it will now be possible to file applications in English, subject to an additional fee. These fee adjustments aim to ensure the financial stability of the PTO while maintaining service quality and effective resource allocation. Read more

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