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Navigating Design Patent Protection in China Under The Hague System

Navigating Design Patent Protection in China Under The Hague System

Filing a design application under the Hague system is a relatively convenient and efficient foreign filing method for design patents. Applicants file a single application with WIPO, designating the countries where they want protection. This is more efficient than separate applications in each country.

China joined the Hague System in May 2022. With China now a contracting party, Hague application filings designating China are increasing. Some of these have already been granted protection. For applicants using the Hague route for China, three key documents are important to track.

1. International registration certificate: indicating the main content of international registration

The International Registration Certificate is an important document indicating that the international registration of the design has officially taken effect. This certificate shows key details such as the international registration number, international registration date, design holder, drawings or samples of the design, and the designated contracting parties, etc. For China, this certificate serves a similar purpose to the filing receipt from a direct CNIPA application. It provides proof the design is registered pending examination in China. Read more

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