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Copyright and the Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill

Copyright and the Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill

Following the introduction to the New Zealand Parliament of the Fair Digital News Bargaining Bill on 17 August 2023, a Select Committee hearing of submissions on the Bill is scheduled to take place later this month.

The purpose of this proposed Act of Parliament is to ensure operators of digital platforms who want to display news articles on their internet sites arrange to pay newspaper proprietors following statutory defined bargaining procedures. These so-called tech companies were considered to fall within two categories: first, search engines such as Google, for example, which host searchable news articles from many countries’ newspapers, and second, social media platforms such as Meta’s Facebook, which host news articles uploaded by their subscribers.

When the Bill was introduced by the previous government there was opposition by some members of the National and ACT parties who thought what was being established was a new tax and unnecessary restrictions on "free minds and free markets". It will be interesting to see if their views have moderated now they are in Government. Read more

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