Monday, January 29 2024   \  Published by Saba IP.

Qatar Establishes Grievance Committee for Patent Appeals

Qatar Establishes Grievance Committee for Patent Appeals

In line with Ministerial Decision 97 of 2023, Qatar has recently established a Grievance Committee, marking a significant development in the field of patent law. This committee is tasked with reviewing appeals related to patent application decisions, representing a pivotal change in how patent disputes are handled in the country.

Expanded Responsibilities of the Grievance Committee

Breaking away from the conventional role limited to reviewing rejections of patent applications, this committee’s responsibilities now extend to examining appeals against examination reports. This broader scope indicates Qatar’s commitment to ensuring comprehensive and equitable handling of patent disputes.

In this new framework, Saba IP has become the first to file an appeal with the newly formed committee. This action highlights the firm’s responsiveness to the evolving patent laws in Qatar and its role in these legal advancements. Read more

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