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How to Avoid Patent Infringement

How to Avoid Patent Infringement

Patent prosecution is a serious problem for inventors or businesses. If other parties identify your infringement, you could receive grave consequences. This article will explain several types of infringement and what you can do to avoid them. You must understand patent claims, especially in the event of a problem. Explore the intricacies of Understanding Patent Claims.

6 Types of Infringement that Leads to Patent Prosecution

There are several types of patent infringement. It is important to understand the types to make sure that you are not accidentally violating intellectual property rights and end up dealing with this kind of prosecution. Here are 6 types of patent infringement:

1. Direct Infringement This type of infringement occurs when someone directly violates a patent right. This includes making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing your patented works or innovations.

2. Indirect Infringement This type of infringement happens when someone provides support for direct infringement activity. This includes inducement or contributory infringement. Read more

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