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Impact of UAE's Free Trade Agreements on Trademark Registration

Impact of UAE's Free Trade Agreements on Trademark Registration

A Brief Introduction to the UAE's Involvement in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

From the opening of Port Rashid in Dubai on October 5, 1972, to the present day, the UAE has established itself as a prominent global economic hub in the Middle East. The country has welcomed businesses from around the world, serving as an oasis for regional business growth. This economic expansion has provided thought leaders with the opportunity to expand their businesses and establish the UAE as the point of origin for their enterprises.

A significant contributing factor to this successful growth is the country’s free trade agreements established towards the end of the last century. Notable agreements include becoming a contracting party to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in 1994 and joining the World Trade Organization in April 1996.

These agreements have enticed the Emirates to create a platform for global market participation, offering significant advantages such as the protection and promotion of foreign investments, the reduction or elimination of tariffs, and the protection of intellectual property rights.

In this article, we will particularly focus on how the UAE’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) have positively impacted the protection of trademarks and intellectual property for both local and global businesses. Read more

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