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Pakistan joins the Marrakesh Treaty

Pakistan joins the Marrakesh Treaty

On December 12, 2023, Pakistan officially became a member of the Marrakesh Treaty after President Arif Alvi signed the instrument of accession.

Pakistan’s accession to the Marrakesh Treaty is a positive impact on differently-abled citizens. The treaty’s role in ensuring the fundamental right to education for individuals with disabilities and facilitating their integration into mainstream society, contributing to both individual and societal development.

Pakistan’s Copyright Ordinance of 1962 previously prohibited the compulsory printing and reproduction of published works in braille and audio formats. The Marrakesh Treaty mandates contracting parties to introduce a standard set of limitations and exceptions to copyright law, allowing the reproduction, distribution, and accessibility of published works in formats designed for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, the treaty enables the exchange of these accessible works across borders by organizations serving these beneficiaries. Read more

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