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Pakistan now a signatory to Marrakesh Treaty

Pakistan now a signatory to Marrakesh Treaty

Pakistan officially joined the Marrakesh Treaty after President Arif Alvi signed the instrument of accession to the Treaty on December 12, 2023.

The Marrakesh Treaty is a copyright treaty signed on June 27, 2013, in Marrakesh, Morocco. It aims to provide individuals who are visually impaired, print-disabled and have physical disabilities that hinder effective reading access to published materials. It seeks to achieve this by allowing the reproduction, distribution and cross-border exchange of copyright works between countries party to the treaty in braille, audio and large print formats. Hasan Irfan Khan, Attorney at Law, United Trademark & Patent Services, Lahore

“This is a very welcome positive development, and Pakistan should have ratified it earlier for the benefit of differently-abled citizens. It would ensure the enjoyment of the fundamental right of education of such persons and would help them come into the mainstreams of life, resulting in their own, and society’s, social development,” said Hasan Irfan Khan, attorney at law at United Trademark & Patent Services in Lahore. Read more

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