Friday, December 22 2023   \  Published by H&A.

Transforming Procedures: BPTO’s Strategic Shift and Legal Insights

Transforming Procedures: BPTO’s Strategic Shift and Legal Insights

The Directorate of Patents, Computer Programs and Integrated Circuit Topographies (DIRPA) informs that the distribution of patent applications for technical examination, and the consequent carrying out of the examination, will now be ordered by the date of the examination request, in a change to the order current, determined by the application filing date.

This strategic change aims to optimize the national processing of patent applications, aligning Brazil with international practices, taking into account the manifestations obtained with Public Subsidy Taking No. 1, of 2023. It is believed that this measure will determine a new dynamic to voluntary changes in the patent application, contributing to a reduction in the decision time for patent applications at BPTO.

Finally, it should be noted that the expected start date for this order is January 1st , 2024. This change will result in a more agile and reasonable patent system for all actors involved in the innovation process in the Country. Read more

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