Wednesday, December 13 2023   \  Published by Papula Nevinpat.

How to keep your trademark safe

How to keep your trademark safe

Getting your trademark registered is often the easy part – keeping it protected is another story. Brand owners need to watch out for non-use claims, bad-faith filings, and several other potential pitfalls.

The basic principle behind registering a trademark is to provide its owner with the exclusive right to use that mark for specific classes of goods and services. It’s a key tool for protecting brand identity and sales.

But there are obligations, exceptions and limitations associated with the principle, so it’s essential to understand the full scope of trademark rights and protections in any country where you do business.

Perhaps the most important obligation for a trademark owner is the requirement to actually use the mark. In Europe, a trademark owner is not required to start using the mark immediately after registration. There is a grace period of five years. After this, proof of use is required if a third party demands it. Read more

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