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Overview of Recent Updates to Indonesia’s IP E-Filing System

Overview of Recent Updates to Indonesia’s IP E-Filing System

In its ongoing efforts to enhance Indonesia’s intellectual property e-filing system, the country’s Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) has consistently introduced improvements to the online system. In recent months, the DGIP has implemented several noteworthy changes that differ from previous versions of the system. These changes bear significant importance for applicants who intend to file IP applications, and include the changes highlighted below for designs, patents, and trademarks.


File format and view limitation. Under current rules, all design drawings must be submitted in JPG format, and only one view is permitted per page.

No refund requests. Once the application payment has been made, refund requests are no longer an option.

Figure limitation. Only one figure is allowed for each design view, with an exception made for reference and perspective views. Read more

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