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Issuance of Law Establishing Egyptian Intellectual Property Authority

Issuance of Law Establishing Egyptian Intellectual Property Authority

As a part of the execution of the Egyptian National Strategy for Intellectual Property launched September of last year, the Egyptian Cabinet approved the draft law establishing the Egyptian Intellectual Property Authority (“EIPA”), and it was issued under Law no. (163) of 2023 (the “Law”) which was published in the Official Gazette on 6 August 2023.

The Law regulates the establishment, authorities and operation of EIPA, which is the first step in many to come in developing and enhancing the intellectual property system in Egypt.

What are the main changes that follows the issuance of the Law?

- Establishment of EIPA and Consolidation of Intellectual Property Offices:

EIPA will be established within (1) year from the date of issuance of this Law, extendable for additional (6) months subject to Prime Minister’s approval. EIPA shall replace all Intellectual Property Offices and relevant Ministries in the duties assigned to these entities, specifically their roles according to Law No. (23) of 1951 concerning Patent Agents’ Practices, Law No. (82) of 2002 concerning Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and Law No. (94) of 2012 concerning Determination of Cost for Search and Annuity Fees in Accordance with Patent Cooperation Treaty. Which entails acting as the relevant IP Office for registration of Intellectual Property Rights over trademarks, designs, patents, and copyrights. Read more

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