Friday, August 18 2023   \  Published by AM Badar.

Can Fast Fashion Products Protected by Copyright Law?

Can Fast Fashion Products Protected by Copyright Law?

Have you ever heard about Fast Fashion Industry? Or have you owned one of the products from well-known fast fashion brands? 

Fast fashion is a business model from the fashion industry that is carried out in the production of clothing models by imitating the design of high-end branded fashion companies, done en masse in a short period, and sold at lower prices.

When you hear the word "copying" and associate it with the concept of intellectual property, you may immediately think about how intellectual property law regulates this business model. The word "copying" is also very closely related to the concept of infringement of copyright law, in which many cases become copyright law problems because other parties copy or plagiarize an original work. So, how can this kind of business model still work? Can it be detrimental to high-end brand owners as copyright holders of these designs? Let's look at the full review in the following article. Read more

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