Tuesday, August 8 2023   \  Published by Papula Nevinpat.

What in the World?! – Trademark rights in outer space

What in the World?! – Trademark rights in outer space

Few people, even those familiar with trademark law, have thought about the effects of industrial rights and especially trademark rights in outer space. However, it is not about the products or services offered to the little green men or other similar tinfoil hatting, but about the ever-growing interest of private companies in outer space and the growth potential of so-called space tourism. Let's see what it's all about.

The IP in Space study – a starting shot for the interpretation and problem situations of industrial rights in outer space

The International Trademark Associaton (INTA) is an international association of almost 35,000 members consisting of brand owners and lawyers working with brands as a profession, as well as other professionals in the field. As its name suggests, the organization's main focus is on trademark law, but as the largest organization in the field, it also publishes discussions related to other industrial rights. Read more

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