Tuesday, July 25 2023   \  Published by Patterson Thuente.

How Will EU's Unitary Patents Affect US IP Law

How Will EU's Unitary Patents Affect US IP Law

June 1 marked the start of a pivotal turning point in European patent law — the European Patent Office’s (EPO) establishment and launching of a Unified Patent Court (UPC).

The court, populated by judges from each EU nation, “will offer a uniform, specialized and efficient framework for patent litigation at a European level. It will hear both infringement and revocation actions. The Court will have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of European patents with unitary effect registered under the regulations (EU) No 1257 and 1260 / 2012 on the unitary patent protection as well as in respect of ‘classic’ European patents,” according to the UPC.

The new universal system was created to provide a streamlined and simplified process for IP and patent protection across Europe. In essence, it creates a level playing field, with a single patent granting procedure and a single patent court, replacing the need to apply for separate patents in each respective nation. Read more

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