Monday, July 24 2023   \  Published by EPO.

EPO launches the European Inventor Network

EPO launches the European Inventor Network

The European Patent Organisation launched the European Inventor Network last week to inspire a passion for science among younger generations while nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset. The Network, which comprises over 200 former European Inventor Award and Young Inventors Prize finalists, invites members to propose activities that drive a long-term interest in STEM. An internal committee at the EPO then selects activities and rewards a grant of €6 000, €4 000 or €2 000, based on the potential impact and outreach of the chosen initiatives.

As they are inventors and entrepreneurs, the finalists are ideally placed to identify activities, while also serving as role models to school children and students. In addition to proposing activities, Network members will support the European Patent Organisation in various ways. For example, inventors may be invited to give a lecture to staff, moderate a panel discussion, appear in the EPO’s innovation videos or provide expert insight in a podcast. Read more

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