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How to draft a good patent application

How to draft a good patent application

Generally, because of time constraints and business requirements, inventors look for quick ways to get their patent applications filed. However, by choosing “quick” for their applications, they may not be satisfied with the quality of the patent application. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to draft a good patent application.

The basic format of a patent application includes:

1.) Background

2.) Claims

3.) Summary

4.) Abstract

5.) Drawings

6.) Detailed description

The quality of a patent application depends on how effectively the drafting attorney can collect information from an inventor and script the information in the six sections that are listed above. The whole scripting process is performed with careful attention to the natural flow of the technical content so that it makes the patent application easily understandable for the examining authority or any reader with ordinary skill in the subject technology area.

1) Background

It is important that the problem that is currently faced in the prior art is described with specific detail and without any ambiguity. The current invention might be able to solve multiple issues in the prior art, but it is important to identify the primary problem that the invention is solving since this aspect is of great importance as far as claim drafting is concerned. The primary problem is detrimental in describing the novelty and inventive step that is associated with the invention. Read more

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