Wednesday, June 7 2023   \  Published by AM Badar.

EU Proposes AI Copyright Laws

EU Proposes AI Copyright Laws

Artificial intelligence has been one of modern-day society's more unique and pressing problems. This groundbreaking technology has pushed many sectors to question their relevance and could have serious implications for the future of the workforce. The world of intellectual property is not safe from such existential worries. The latest AI technologies could duplicate the voice of singers in a near-flawless fashion and create art and even wildly convincing clips. This reality has urged IP practitioners to prepare themselves for a future of copyright with the existence of AI.

The bulk of the problems society has in dealing with AI lies in its strange nature and the lack of regulations that could adequately tackle the issue. The lack of competent regulations for AI has forced practitioners to confront AI awkwardly with insufficient existing laws. However, the European Union (EU) has recently proposed regulations that could resolve these issues. 

For the past two years, this proposed regulation has been in a drafting process by European Commission. According to European Parliament, deputy Svenja Hahn, the basic objective of it is to maintain and avoid the potential risks that could be brought upon by AI technology while also regulating in a way that balances protecting citizens' rights, innovation, and developing the economy. This law looks to classify AI tools based on the different levels of risk they pose, ranging from minimal to limited, high, and unacceptable. The metrics that decide the levels include biometric surveillance, misinformation, and discriminatory language. Read more

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