Friday, June 2 2023   \  Published by Papula Nevinpat.

 How to navigate Europe’s new Unified Patent Court?

How to navigate Europe’s new Unified Patent Court?

Should you opt in or opt out? How will annuities and infringements be handled? What are the costs involved? We’ve put together a summary to help IP professionals manage the complexities of Europe’s new unitary patent system.

On 1 June 2023, the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will come into force in 17 European Union member states that have ratified its agreement. When a European (EP) patent is registered with unitary effect, i.e. as a unitary patent, it automatically and immediately becomes enforceable in all these countries.

The aim of the new system is to make it easier and more affordable for businesses to protect their inventions in the European Union. But the implementation of the new court raises several important issues that IP professionals should consider carefully. Read more

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