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Key Concerns and Provisions in Thailand’s Draft AI Regulation

Key Concerns and Provisions in Thailand’s Draft AI Regulation

The draft Royal Decree on Artificial Intelligence System Service Business, which was introduced by the Office of the National Digital Economy and Society Commission earlier for public comment in October last year, focuses on potential risks from artificial intelligence (AI) systems to public health, safety, and freedoms. The framework emphasizes the importance of risk assessment, reporting requirements, and the establishment of specific measures and criteria deemed necessary to minimize AI risks.

AI Systems Defined by the Decree

Under the draft royal decree, an AI system is defined as a machine-based system that can make predictions, recommendations, or decisions that affect real or virtual environments pursuant to the objectives set by humans. The definition clarifies that artificial intelligence systems are designed to operate at different levels of autonomy, including:

- machine learning AI;

- logic-based and knowledge-based AI;

- statistical AI;

- Bayesian estimation AI; and

- search and optimization AI. Read more

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