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Top 5 Considerations for a Foreign Patent Filing Strategy

Top 5 Considerations for a Foreign Patent Filing Strategy

Guiding Principles for Effective Foreign Filing

The main objective of any business is to grow – and growing globally is often a critical aspect of that strategy. To support growth, filing in key markets across the globe for patent protection can help ensure the invention is protected, defend against a competitor, gain exclusive market share for a product, or generate revenue through licensing.

Companies often embark on foreign patent filing without having done the proper due diligence and planning. Corporations need an iterative, cost-effective approach to remain competitive in their requisite markets. This article discusses five key areas to consider in developing a foreign patent filing strategy. - - Determine where to file

- Know the competition and market

- Control IP costs and manage time

- Keep an eye on the changing international landscape

- Optimize international patent filing processes 

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