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UPC platform to practice entry into force functionalities

UPC platform to practice entry into force functionalities

The Unified Patent Court has announced that starting 29 May 2023 external users will be able to practice entry into force (EIF) functionalities on a dedicated CMS platform.

The environment will be the same as the current sunrise practice CERUS, on which the EIF functionalities will be activated. There is no end date for the practice period.

According to a report on the UPC website: ‘The Court will only ensure a passive practice. Interactions with external users and the Court as foreseen in the CMS will be limited. It means that the progression of the workflows and the procedures is not guaranteed. The UPC staff is currently working on EIF preparation and Sunrise running activities and cannot be dedicated for the EIF practice tasks. Therefore, we kindly request users to limit their requests, to which the Court will respond on best effort basis.

In addition to the EIF scope during the external practice, all Sunrise functionalities will remain available, including APIs requests. Read more

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