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IP Australia Releases the 2023 Australia Intellectual Property Report

IP Australia Releases the 2023 Australia Intellectual Property Report

IP Australia have just released their eleventh edition of the ‘Australian Intellectual Property Report’[1] (the Report), and for those with an interest in the number of filings in the various categories of intellectual property (IP) which IP Australia administers, makes for interesting reading.

The Report, which is titled “IP for a skilled, diverse and productive economy”, is aimed at promoting awareness of IP rights and discussing the latest IP statistics. In particular, the Report explores and illustrates the latest IP trends in Australia and how Australians have adapted to the changes in our social and work environment post COVID-19 lockdowns, and how a slowing economy affects IP and related productivity, wages, diversity, innovation, policies and decision making.

In brief overview, after record levels of filings in patent, trade mark and design in 2021, patent application numbers are steady in 2022, recording a mere 0.5% decline, designs are down by 3.6%, and trade marks filings show a 11.2% decrease from their 2021 peak level. On the other hand, plant breeder’s rights experienced a 1.3% increase. Notably, all IP filings saw significant decreases in Australian domestic applicants, likely reflecting a correction from significant growth over the pandemic period, and the impact from rapidly increasing costs of living, rising interest rates and declining real wealth. Read more

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