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Vietnam’s amended IP law changes requirements for IP agents

Vietnam’s amended IP law changes requirements for IP agents

Vietnam’s Law on Intellectual Property was comprehensively amended in 2022 (“2022 IP Law”), and the amended law came into effect (with the exception of a few provisions) on 1 January 2023. Along with amendments of substantive matters, the revised version also touches upon the requirements for providing IP representation (agent) services, at both the organizational and individual level.

Requirements for Organizations

Article 154 of the previous IP Law provided the following conditions for organizations to act as IP representation service organizations:

- The organization is a lawfully established and operating law-practicing enterprise, cooperative or organization, or a scientific and technological service organization, except for foreign law-practicing organizations operating in Vietnam.

- The organization has the function of providing IP representation services stated in its business registration certificate or operation registration certificate.

- The head(s) of the organization or a person(s) authorized by the head(s) of the organization has a certificate for practicing IP representation services. Read more

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