Friday, March 24 2023   \  Published by China Briefing.

Amendments to China’s Trademark Law – Improving IP Use and Protection

Amendments to China’s Trademark Law – Improving IP Use and Protection

New amendments to the China trademark law seek to improve the use and protection of trademarks by tackling anti-competitive behavior and simplifying some registration procedures. It also modernizes the existing law by expanding protections for the use of trademarks in e-commerce and on the internet. We look at some of the main proposed changes and discuss the impact they may have on China’s business environment.

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has released amendments to China’s Trademark Law for public comment until February 27, 2023.

The amendments to the Trademark Law focus in large part on improving the use of trademarks, which includes tackling issues, such as “bad faith” trademark registration, trademark squatting, and trademark hoarding. The ultimate aim of the changes is to improve the consumer experience by strengthening the legitimacy of registered trademarks and improving the business environment by stamping out anti-competitive trademark practices.

Below we discuss a few of these changes and how they may help to optimize administrative resources and improve oversight and management of trademark. Read more

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