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Considerations for patent protection in the pharmaceutical industry

Considerations for patent protection in the pharmaceutical industry

During the last few years, we have seen, with increased exposure, publications on the development of new drugs, vaccines, etc., and the processes for their implementation in the market. No company or researcher can ignore certain maxims or basics that govern an adequate and customized patenting strategy for optimal protection of pharmaceutical products.

Patent protection is fundamental for the pharmaceutical industry, not only because it promotes the constant research of new active ingredients for the development of the health sector, but also because it boosts the development of manufacturing processes that are more efficient and economical, as well as the development of new formulations resulting in pharmaceutical products with improved pharmacokinetic properties.

Pharmaceutical patents can protect different aspects of drugs, e.g., product patents protect the medication formulation, and process patents protect the process of how the pharmaceutical product was obtained. Therefore, the first consideration to remember when attempting to protect products or processes related to the pharmaceutical industry is to identify the patentable subject matter. First of all, to carry out this task, the subject matter that will not be eligible for a patent, such as, e.g., living matter or therapeutic methods, must be ruled out. Read more

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