Friday, February 17 2023   \  Published by Icelandic IPO.

Iceland joins HDB

Iceland joins HDB

As of 16 January 2023, the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office (ISIPO) will use and accept the terms in English from the harmonised database of goods and services (HDB) in TMclass.

The TMclass database offers users the opportunity to search for and translate terms for goods and services to and from any of the 44 languages available as well as verifying the terms’ correct classification under the Nice classification.

TMclass is a search tool for classification terms of Goods and Services for trademark protection purposes. It provides access to the Harmonised Database (HDB), the EU common list of Goods and Services terms and the classification databases of all European and international participating offices. TMclass offers a user-friendly environment with advanced features for browsing and searching terms, the possibility of verifying terms between the classification databases of Participating Offices, and multilingual functions for term translation. Read more

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