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Implications of ethics and morality in the protection of inventions

Implications of ethics and morality in the protection of inventions

Commonly, the terms moral and ethics are used interchangeably. However, from the philosophical point of view, morality refers to the set of values, attitudes, norms and customs that guide or regulate human behavior, while ethics is the discipline in charge of analyzing moral concepts in society.

An example of a widely accepted ethical principle is that all human activity must be guided in order to seek good behavior and harmony in society. In this sense, one of the human activities where ethics has been widely developed is research, where there are principles and norms aimed at ensuring scientific advancement, improvement of the human condition and the progress of society, while promoting the respect and well-being of humans and animals, as well as the preservation of the environment.

Thanks to the scientific advances of the last decades, numerous technologies have been developed that allow us to improve the human condition. For example, within the area of biotechnology, in addition to being able to develop therapies for rare or difficult-to-treat conditions, it is possible to generate experimental models that allow studying diseases and accelerating the development of therapies. On the other hand, artificial intelligence has made it possible to improve processes in practically all industrial sectors, from logistics and transportation to medical diagnoses. Read more

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