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IP Reform on The Horizon for Bermuda

IP Reform on The Horizon for Bermuda

As Intellectual Property (IP) specialists in the Caribbean, HSM IP is thrilled to hear that the Bermuda Government is making efforts to update its intellectual property laws.

Vance Campbell (Minister for Bermuda Tourism and the Cabinet Office) recently shared in December 2022 that this huge undertaking would involve collaboration among the Ministry for Tourism and the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Home Affairs with the Department of Registry General and the Ministry of Economy and Labour through the Economic Development Department. A special IP Taskforce has already been assigned.

Their objective is to make legislation governing trade marks, patents, registered designs and copyrights more fully aligned with UK and global standards and best practices allowing Bermuda to better compete for business.

Reports indicate that they are tackling trade marks first. Bermuda’s trade mark laws were originally enacted nearly 50 years ago.

One of the areas this new legislation plans to address is for Bermuda’s trade mark registration and renewal periods to be amended to cover 10-year terms. Since current registration periods are only seven years, this will be a welcome change. Read more

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