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Important Patent Developments from 2022

Important Patent Developments from 2022

Whether you are an inventor, business owner, or patent attorney, there were developments in the patent world continuously throughout 2022. It was easy to get lost in the updates that happened and how they might affect the patent landscape. Below are some of the most important developments from the past year and what they could mean going forward.

Supreme Court Refuses to take American Axle

The Supreme Court declined to take up the American Axle case this year, a case which many patent practitioners were hoping would provide clarity on patent eligibility. Ever since the Supreme Court decisions in Mayo and Alice, there has been ambiguity on what is patent eligible, what is not eligible, and how to draft applications to make sure the Patent Office views your application as eligible. There was hope that with American Axle the Supreme Court would clarify their previous decisions and resolve the confusion and ambiguity around eligibility. There is another patent case that the Supreme Court is taking up in the next year but, for now, inventors and patent practitioners are left with questions of whether their invention and application will be eligible, and must rely on experience. Time will tell if Congress or the Supreme Court will provide a new reading of amendment of Section 101 and eligibility rules. Read more

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