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Singapore Patent – Obviousness of Error

Singapore Patent – Obviousness of Error

A recent decision of the High Court of Singapore has set a precedent for correcting data included in a specification of an application for a patent. In an appeal case between Nippon Shinyaku Co, Ltd and the Registrar of Patents, the High Court has reversed the decision of the Registrar rejecting a proposed correction to Table 7 of the description that was filed with the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) upon national phase entry.

Singapore Patent Application No. 11202011003T (the patent application) is a national phase application based on PCT/JP2019/018201 (the PCT application) in the name of Nippon Shinyaku Co, Ltd (the applicant). The PCT application claims priority to Japan application No. 2018-089867 (the priority application). The erroneous Table 7 was also filed at the international stage. The priority application, however, contains the correct Table 7 data. Read more

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