Tuesday, January 31 2023   \  Published by Smart & Biggar.

Canadian Trademark Law 2022: Year in Review

Canadian Trademark Law 2022: Year in Review

The proverbial brand owner’s guidebook became a little bigger in 2022. Developments in practice opened new avenues for securing and enforcing trademark rights over the past year, including an “accelerated” path to trademark registration and additional guidance for invalidating bad faith registrations.

At the same time, notable complications emerged with the adoption of Quebec’s new French language law, Bill 96, and its significant amendments to Québec’s Charter of the French Language. New requirements imposed by Bill 96 are on the horizon, adding a layer of complexity to the selection, advertising, and use of English (and other non-French) trademarks in Canada.

The following article highlights some of the most important new laws, cases, and practice directions from 2022 that brand owners should be aware of when doing business in Canada.

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