Thursday, January 26 2023   \  Published by FICPI.

Ukrainian IPO Reorganises and Transitions to UKRNOIPI

Ukrainian IPO Reorganises and Transitions to UKRNOIPI

Due to the currently ongoing institutional reform of the Ukrainian intellectual property system, the Ukrainian Intellectual Property Institute (Ukrpatent) functions are in the process of being transferred to the Ukrainian National Office of Intellectual Property and Innovations (UKRNOIPI).

Paper filings are currently accepted, while the e-filing system is expected to be re-launched shortly. IP owners and their counsel are advised to check with their local representatives if any filing delays are to be expected until the transition is fully completed.

In its recent announcement, the Ukrpatent informed about the entry into force of the ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated October 28, 2022, No. 943-r “Some issues of the National Intellectual Property Authority” under which the UKRNOIPI is designated as an entity absorbing the functions of the Ukrpatent. Read more

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