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Five Trademark Questions to Ask in the New Year

Five Trademark Questions to Ask in the New Year

As we ring in 2023, sip some champagne and make a resolution to check in on your trademark portfolio more often. It misses you!

Here are a few productive questions to ask:

1. Do your registrations cover your reality? You may have launched new brands or drastically redesigned your logo since you last interacted with the USPTO. Or perhaps your business has expanded or evolved, and the scope of your registrations ignores some now-crucial products or services. Maybe your filings are all in the US, but the EU and Brazil have become major markets for you. If any of this sounds like you, it’s time to plug some holes.

2. Are you prepared to meet deadlines? Make sure the right people know what’s due when, and whom to contact. If you acquired a trademark as part of a business transaction, let your attorney and the USPTO know that you’re the owner now. If the employee responsible for trademarks retired three years ago, have a new contact get in touch with your attorney so reminders don’t get lost in bounce-backs or an unmonitored inbox. Read more

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