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Ukraine’s patents: from past to present

Ukraine’s patents: from past to present

The first patent system in Russian Empire was established by czar Alexander I in 1812, through the publication of the “Manifesto on the Privileges for Various Inventions and Discoveries in Crafts and Arts”.

However, after the October Revolution of 1917, the entire legal system collapsed over a vast territory from the Carpathians to the Pacific Ocean. Landowners, industrialists, craftsmen, and peasants in the hinterland felt especially affected and feared threats to their property.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian People's Republic (UPR) proclaimed its independence in 1918. That year its Ministry of Trade and Industry established the Technical Department of the Inventions. This institution registered the first patents of the Ukrainian State, which acted based on the old legislation of the Russian Empire.

Patent filing requirements

In order to file a patent application for an invention, the inventors had to write a specification according to the established sample (the form was issued by the Ministry), pay stamp duty in the amount of 31-34 rubles (at that time quite an affordable amount even for a small craftsman), provide clearly defined two types of drawings of their invention on special paper, if applicable, and a template detailed description of the technology. Read more

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