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Indonesian Intellectual Property in 2022: A Recap

Indonesian Intellectual Property in 2022: A Recap

A recap of Indonesia Intellectual property 2022

2022 marked an eventful year for Intellectual Property in Indonesia, with many promising growths and innovative developments. The DGIP continued their efforts in advancing IP protection as well as the general public’s knowledge and appreciation towards IP-- which garnered immediate positive results. Moreover, significant legislative movements concerning IP surely would inspire even more optimism for all creators, entrepreneurs and innovators in Indonesia.

As we greet the New Year, join us as we summarize and celebrate the positives of 2022. Here were some of last year’s best offerings for Indonesian IP:

More Efficient IP Registry

For some people, carrying out registrations for their IPs can be seen as a tiresome and unnecessary hassle. Some would find the process of formulating applications as tedious, added with the relatively extensive time needed for registration process, IP applications can indeed be daunting.

This rings especially true for Copyrights. Copyright recordals can be very helpful in the event of an infringement or dispute, as certifications would greatly strengthen the position of the owner/creator of a disputed work. However, the law and general IP norms do not require recordals for works to be protected by Copyright. This fact, along with the time needed for recordals, may repel creators from conducting recordals for their works. Read more

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