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A Guide on Why and How to take your IP Global

A Guide on Why and How to take your IP Global

When businesses plan on expanding their technology globally, it becomes crucial to protect their intellectual property rights in all countries of interest. To do so, they need to plan and strategize how to successfully launch the technology globally.

Applicants that want to file patent applications in multiple countries using the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) route, first need to file patent applications or priority applications in the national patent office. Given below is a visual to help you understand this better. 

In line with the above, Sagacious IP presents a detailed guide that tells you why and how you can take your IP to a global scale. This guide aims to answer the following basic questions:

- Do you have the plan and resources to launch your product/business outside India?

- Do you have marketing and promotion networks to launch your product/business in other countries?

- What would be the right time to file IP applications globally?

- Do your IP rights really have value in other countries?

- Can you stop others from reproducing or copying your product?

- How will you enforce your IP rights in other countries? Read more

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